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We can produce everything from a full length video to animations for your project.

Do you need a song for your project or a jingle for your product?
Here’s a song our founder wrote and produced for an humanitarian project:

Our professional actor and voice-over artist, Kim Watkinson can narrate your video or give an on-screen presentation:


Main Street Multimedia can write everything from copy for your website to a script for your video.
The company founder / Creative Director David Watkinson and his wife Kim Watkinson are both experienced and published writers.


We can give your visitors the ability to interact with graphics and animations on your website.
We can turn a simple menu into a multimedia navigation system, or build an in-depth interactive environment like this Cafe:


For a personal picture story about Main Street Multimedia and the founder’s journey (including his animal tales), please see: “About MAIN STREET MULTIMEDIA Kind of a Cat Tale.”

The short version is that Main Street Multimedia was born in the 1990’s in a studio on Main Street in Santa Monica, CA.  The founder, David Watkinson created and programmed 2D and 3D motion graphics for movie scenes that showed actors interacting with screens from small computers to giant wall screens.


Here are cast-and-crew screening notifications and crew photos for some of the thirty-two movies that have featured our graphics and animations (before we switched our main focus to television in 2006):


Bones (2006 to 2017):

David Watkinson (far left) led the team that created all the graphics and animations for all the computer screens on the show Bones. In this photo, Kim Watkinson (far right) invited the Japan Consulate members to visit the set after she worked as a cultural liaison with a Japanese guest star on the show. (Kim is fluent in Japanese having grown up in Japan.)

Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville  (2017 to 2022):

Here’s a reel of our work on The Orville and other television shows by our lead 3D animator, Mike Stein.

For on-set interactive video playback for both Bones and The Orville, Main Street Multimedia partnered with industry leader Khaos Digital.

Our talented colleagues at Khaos Digital continue to create great graphics for movies and television shows, while we’re using our Hollywood magic to help promote your Company, Product, or Project on the Internet.


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